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Sea Coast Aquarium and Research Center

Our mission is to advance oceanic awareness and environmental stewardship through education and scientific research

About us

Sea Coast Aquarium is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to advancing oceanic awareness and environmental stewardship through education and scientific research. Our mission is to make a difference in our community by educating visitors, conducting research that helps protect our coastal ecosystems and creating conservation programs that inspire individual action. Our vision is to be a globally renowned organization that inspires ocean conservation and plays a vital role in restoring our coastal ecosystem.

Our staff, volunteers, Board of Directors, members, donors and partners are passionate about our coastal environment and we are committed to making a difference. We rely on a diverse community of volunteers to keep things running, and we hope you will check out the link below to find out more about volunteer opportunities:


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Our Science Mission

At Sea Coast Aquarium, our mission is to advance oceanic awareness and environmental stewardship through education and scientific research. We are an independent non-profit organization with a focus on science-based public outreach, training the next generation of marine biologists, and promoting conservation of our oceans through wildlife rehabilitation. While we all know that many aquariums are centered around entertainment value alone, we believe there's still room for family fun that can also give you practical knowledge about our world's waterways. Our exhibits feature interactive activities designed to educate visitors about sustainable living practices that benefit both the environment and communities around us.



Some of the animals you may see:

Sea lion

Steller Sea Lion

Steller sea lions are a beautiful and playful species that can be found in the Pacific Ocean. They are native to Alaska and Japan, but are sometimes spotted off of the coast of California. With their large flippers and long whiskers, these animals are truly something to behold.

killer whale

Killer Whale

Orca is a common name for the large oceanic dolphin genus Orcinus, with one species (Orcinus orca) also known as the killer whale. These are powerful predators of marine mammals, including sea lions and seals. It is known to be highly social and will live in close knit family groups, called pods.



Beluga, also known as White Whale, is a species of whale that inhabits Arctic and subarctic regions of Russia, Greenland, and North America. These whales are highly social animals that spend most of their time in groups of 10 to 100 individuals. Belugas are well known for their elaborate and complex behaviors.

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